Who we are

We are a group of Aikido enthusiasts, comprised of long-time students and beginners alike. Our Aikido club trains together in the spirit of supporting one another's learning and growth.

Our dojo offers a clean and safe training environment. We take pride in contributing to the quality of the physical space and comfort of each student. Children and adults alike participate in keeping the dojo clean and welcoming.

What we do

Each training session begins with a warm-up and an introductory technique that provides the foundation for the evening's "theme." Each move builds on the next so that students can see how techniques are inter-related.

Beginning students are taught fundamental techniques that provide the foundation for future, more complex movements. New students also are taught basic rolling techniques so that they may train safely. Students with rank are paired with new students to provide additional guidance and support.

We welcome student feedback and input and train in the spirit of individuality and diversity. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds in martial arts–—as well as people who are stepping onto the mat for the first time. All are welcome!

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