Sensei Dale Eisenberg Dale Eisenberg, Chief Instructor, 4th Dan, info@ lagunahillsaikikai.com
Dale Eisenberg, Chief Instructor info@lagunahillsaikikai.com Dale was raised in Anaheim, CA and trained in Aikido, Judo and Kung Fu as a child. Dale started formal training in Aikido in 2003 at Aikido of Southern Orange County. He received his Shodan in 2008 and began instructing classes for adults and children. He has attended over thirty seminars to continue his education. In 2009, Dale founded Laguna Hills Aikikai where he offers a range of classes for adults and children. Dale received his yondan on February 15th, 2019.

John Nation Pablo Herrero, Assistant Instructor, 3rd Dan
Pablo lived in Tempe, Arizona during his childhood, then decided that the rest of his life should take place entirely in coastal California. So, he went to college in San Diego, grad school in Berkeley, and lived in San Diego again after that until 2013, at which time he moved to Orange County and joined Laguna Hills Aikikai. He began studying aikido in 1988 in Arizona, but the largest portion of his training has been with Sensei Martin Katz (Godan, Aikido Association of America) at Ryushinkan Dojo in San Diego, under whom he received his shodan in 2005, nidan in 2009, and sandan in 2013. He also trained in shito-ryu karate and iaido for a few years at UCSD.

John Nation John Nation, Assistant Instructor, 1st Dan
Like Sensei Dale, John also grew up in Anaheim, CA. John first trained in Tae Kwon Do in 2003 and then moved to Aikido in October of 2006. John joined up with Aikido of Southern Orange County where he met and studied with Sensei Dale. For the next five years while studying at AOSOC, John developed his Aikido in the style adopted by the Aikido Association of America and Aikido World Alliance. John has also attended numerous seminars instructed by some of the top people in Aikido. John joined Laguna Hills Aikikai in October of 2011 where he later received the rank of Shodan.